Onsite & Online STEM Curriculum For Your Students

Increase Your Students' Potential For Success!

With a changing world comes changing needs. Onsite or online, we understand it is not just what you teach but how you teach it. That is why student engagement, encouragement, and collaboration are at the root of all of our lesson plans.

Cultivating students’ STEM skills while empowering their self-esteem helps to encourage higher achievements in school and prepare them for a successful future in a technology-driven world.


Promote critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, ingenuity, and communication skills with hands-on, project-based lesson plans for grades K-12.


Emphasize student engagement to ensure success in all aspects of learning (and life) with cross-curricula courses that immerse students in real-world challenges.



Boost creativity and self-esteem while instilling a passion for learning and STEM that they will carry with them throughout their academic career and life.

I have really enjoyed working with Brainy Bytes this year. I appreciate that we have regular contact about course offerings and the fact that, while we as a school trust our vendors to make the best course offerings available, we are asked for regular feedback about what our students and school would most need. We are looking forward to continuing our partnership with Brainy Bytes!
Asst Principal
Bascomb Elementary Woodstock

Two Ways Educators Can Bring Brainy Bytes To Their Students​

Onsite/Online Instructor-Led Programs

Choose from dozens of STEM courses to be taught in your school or online by one of our highly trained instructors. Click to view our courses.

Educator Packages

If you prefer an in-house option, request an Educator User Account to access select course packages for your school or district. 

Why Educators Choose Brainy Bytes

► Access to the largest assortment of, one-of-a-kind lesson plans aligned with ISTE educational standards! Brainy Bytes is dedicated to developing unique courses that meet your needs and ensure your students are encouraged to go beyond the classroom.

► Project-based exploration allows for creativity and encourages ingenuity. Students enjoy hands-on active learning experiences where they have the opportunity to work both independently and together in groups.

► Educators Packages provide an easy D.I.Y. way for schools to provide their teachers with the tools they need to inspire a passion for STEM in their students

► Our focus is on STUDENT ENGAGEMENT! Enjoy programs written to enthusiastically introduce your students to STEM in a fun and nurturing environment that encourages them to interact, create and have fun while learning new and useful life skills.

► Unequaled support and flexibility means we will bring our programs to you whenever it is convenient for your school and offer the best support in the industry to your staff and student body.

I will never forget our first day with Brainy Bytes.  The kids were so excited when they came back.  They were telling all of their friends and I had NUMEROUS children ask me how they could be in this club!  Our waiting list is very long and keeps on growing!
ASP Director
Rocky Mount Elementary Marietta

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